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Resident & Suite Directory

Unit directory interface

Suite details, occupant details and activities at your fingertips!

BuildingLink’s suite view provides quick search access to all suite and occupant-related details and activities! Everything from service requests, suite instructions, delivery details, open parking permits, amenity reservations, and documents exist here in a single view! Accounting integration automates move in/outs and account information visibility.

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Amenity Bookings

Amenity reservations interface

It’s amenity reservations made simple, fast and convenient!

BuildingLink allows you to manage amenity and facility reservations by resident and suite, set reservation policies to match any amenity or facility type rules, and includes multi-building “shared reservation” functionality. Residents can also easily book amenities through the website or resident app and pay for related fees through the portal by credit card.

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Document Library

Document tracking

Document management done and dusted!

The library module organizes all of your building’s documents by categories and subcategories of your choice. It’s role-based, allowing you to set restrictions on who can view and edit within each subcategory. Workflows alert recipients when new documents are added or updated. To avoid issues with large files, managers can easily email links to documents rather than sending the documents themselves.

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Vehicle Management

Parking management made easy.

Manage resident vehicle details by suite, location, or license plate. Assign parking spots to suites and even track vehicle tags. Reassigning parking spots to new tenants or owners is a snap.

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Purchase Orders

Person making a purchase order

Issue purchase orders – get products and services!

BuildingLink’s purchase order module seamlessly links vendors, expense codes and invoices, and even automates the approval process, making sending and tracking P.O.s painless and straightforward. It eliminates redundancies and automates the workflow!

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Employee Time Tracking

employee tracking

Punch in. Punch out. What’s simpler than that?

Efficiently track employee time and attendance using biometric fingerprint authentication. Set employee schedules, track sick leave and PTO, run detailed reports and even export them for payroll.

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Analytics & Reports

Co-workers reviewing analytics on BuildingLink

Operational transparency like never before.

BuildingLink provides access to reports and analytics on every activity and piece of data captured by the system. Whether you’re looking for top maintenance issues, amenity usage trends or incident reports, it’s all there in intuitive graph and table formats. Most analytics and reports are equipped with export to excel or PDF tools.

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Now that’s money in the bank!

Our payments solution is flexible enough to collect fees on everything from amenity reservations and unit cleaning to new FOBs and filters. It’s simple to set-up and simple to use.

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Who’s Using These Solutions?

Building Managers

BuildingLink’s Record-Keeping & Administration Solutions help Building Managers and administrative staff efficiently manage occupant and building details, minimizing the workload so they can focus on running a better building.

Board Directors

BuildingLink provides board directors with peace of mind knowing that important occupant and building details are accessible when needed yet safe and secure.

Building Portfolio Managers

BuildingLink’s Record-Keeping & Administration solutions help Portfolio Managers efficiently administer portfolio details, saving time and resources.



“We can’t imagine running 2 high-rise buildings and stack townhouse communities without BuildingLink platform. From the overall solution offering, ongoing enhancements and superb customer service it’s an essential property management tool.”

Connie Liong, Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services, Hollywood Plaza


“BuildingLink is a great tool for communicating! It ensures residents are up to-date on everything relating to condominium living, from fire alarm testing to water shut downs and social events”.

Heather Fitzgerald, OLCM, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.


“I deploy BuildingLink is every new high-rise property I manage. No other solution comes close to the depth of operational solutions BuildingLink offers.”

Ilir Xhacka, Senior Property Manager, Duka Property Management


“BuildingLink allows us to provide corporation directors with up to the minute details and analytics on everything happening at their building and across our portfolio”.

Bogdan Alexe, President & CEO, B1 Management Group Inc.

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