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Service Requests & Work Orders

Never miss a maintenance request again!

BuildingLink allows you to track resident service requests and internal tasks by suite number, common element, or equipment type. Easily convert service requests to PDFs and email them to external vendors as needed. Management and staff can enter, update, and track all tasks with ease using either the web portal or staff mobile app.

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Woman using BuildLink app to inspect

Customizable. Mobile. Integrated.

BuildingLink enables the flexibility to generate any inspection or checklist or choose from a library of useful templates from our form builder! Search inspection reports by type, date, and employee and receive prompt notifications upon inspection completion. Conduct inspections, capture photos, and create work orders on the fly – it’s fully integrated with our maintenance module and available on the web portal and staff mobile app.

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Preventative Maintenance

Professional window washer

Schedule, assign, and forget.

Schedule recurring tasks for preventative building and equipment maintenance and assign task instructions to internal staff, outside trades, and contractors. This is a perfect tool to keep management and staff informed of weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance tasks.

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Equipment & Assets Directory

man working on building maintenance

Equipment details when and where you need them.

BuildingLink provides a directory of building equipment, associated details, and service history at your fingertips. This includes everything from manufacturer specifications and warranties to location and estimated replacement dates.

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Trades & Compliance Tracking

Worker fixing building

Track trade compliance and decrease risk.

Track trade compliance for your building—or management company—by storing copies of certificates of insurance, licenses, etc. Management and receive automatic email updates when their documents are nearing expiry – no deadlines missed here!

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Inventory Tracking

someone tracking building inventory

Never run out of stock again.

Track on-hand inventory quantities, measure usage, and generate notifications when critical levels are reached. A perfect solution for never running out of important stock again.

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Who’s Using These Solutions?

Building Managers

Why do building managers love BuildingLink? Because every last detail of every service request or preventative maintenance initiative is captured along with insightful reports and analytics.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers are better informed to react and engage when needed by aggregating service requests at the portfolio level to viewing insightful analytics.

man holding sheets of a document in a meeting with other team members



“We can’t imagine running 2 high-rise buildings and stack townhouse communities without BuildingLink platform. From the overall solution offering, ongoing enhancements and superb customer service it’s an essential property management tool.”

Connie Liong, Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services, Hollywood Plaza


“BuildingLink is a great tool for communicating! It ensures residents are up to-date on everything relating to condominium living, from fire alarm testing to water shut downs and social events”.

Heather Fitzgerald, OLCM, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.


“I deploy BuildingLink is every new high-rise property I manage. No other solution comes close to the depth of operational solutions BuildingLink offers.”

Ilir Xhacka, Senior Property Manager, Duka Property Management


“BuildingLink allows us to provide corporation directors with up to the minute details and analytics on everything happening at their building and across our portfolio”.

Bogdan Alexe, President & CEO, B1 Management Group Inc.

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