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Package Tracking

Someone tracking packages using the BuildingLink App

Process packages 80% faster with ImageR!

ImageR is a smart label reader accessed via the BuildingLink mobile app. Harnessing both OCR (optical character recognition) and AI technology, ImageR automatically inputs delivery information into BuildingLink with one scan of a shipping label. It also lets residents see if they have a delivery waiting at a glance. See it in action here.

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Incident Reporting

Investigate, record, and report.

Track incidents by type—fire, flood, equipment failure, etc.—and severity. Link incidents to specific units, residents, staff, trades, and locations. Report on incidents, including photos, documents, and additional notes. Generate automated notifications to designated recipients based on the incident type recorded.

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Shift Log & Pass On Log

Note it, so you don’t forget it.

Shift logs provide you with paperless record keeping to document the daily activities occurring in and around your building. Authorized users can easily search and filter entries by date, related suite, staff member, or keyword. Shift logs can be automatically emailed daily to management so management and supervisors are always kept informed. Shift Logs are also accessible on the staff mobile app so you can generate notes and reports on the go.

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Suite Instructions

Having everyone on the same page? Amazing.

Suite Instructions provides staff and the management team with detailed suite-related instructions. These include permission-to-enter details, vacation notices, and realtor instructions complete with expiration dates. Instructions can be added by residents or by staff. Photos can be taken and uploaded through the module or uploaded directly from the device (PC or Mobile) in use.

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Visitor & Contractor Management

Screen, track, and audit visitors.

Managing visitors is more important than ever! BuildingLink allows staff to screen trades for Covid-19, capture photos, issue visitor badges, generating an audit trail of all visitors – including guests and contractors – who are passing through your property. It’s also a great way to back-check trade arrival and departure times against invoices.

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Parking Permits

Need visitor parking management? No problem.

BuildingLink provides the ability to create, issue, and track visitor parking permits based on suite or license plate. Permits can be configured to your building or community’s unique parking policies. The module allows the flexibility to create different permits for different locations or different times of day. Residents can conveniently access permits via the resident portal. Permits are formatted to print on standard or receipt printers to minimize paper and ink use and keep costs low. Or, better yet, run a valid plate report to save on paper and ink.

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Key Management

Never lose a key again!

Key management provides a complete audit trail of to whom keys were assigned and when.  This module can be configured to capture digital signatures and photos of recipients. Workflows can notify management and residents when keys have been released and returned.

Provides a complete audit trail of activity key activity. Minimizes the risk of lost keys and costly retrofits.

Check out KeyLink for the next level of key management.

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No internet? No problem!

We know that internet is never 100% available but we know your property runs 24/7. ConciergeLink is a locally installed version of BuildingLink to keep your front desk up and running regardless of internet speed or outages.

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Who’s Using These Solutions?

Condominiums, Co-Ops & HOAs

BuildingLink optimizes front desk and concierge services in Condominiums, Co-Ops, and HOAs around the globe. From enhanced incident report management to paperless shift logs and time tracking, you know your building is always running smoothly.

Multi-Family Rental Communities

BuildingLink delivers enhanced visitor/contractor management, facilitates detailed suite instructions, and processes deliveries faster and more accurately.

New Developments

BuildingLink’s front desk solutions are essential to any new building. From managing the deluge of deliveries to coordinating service elevators to accessing detailed suite instructions, equip your front desk staff to service the needs of new occupants.



“We can’t imagine running 2 high-rise buildings and stack townhouse communities without BuildingLink platform. From the overall solution offering, ongoing enhancements and superb customer service it’s an essential property management tool.”

Connie Liong, Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services, Hollywood Plaza


“BuildingLink is a great tool for communicating! It ensures residents are up to-date on everything relating to condominium living, from fire alarm testing to water shut downs and social events”.

Heather Fitzgerald, OLCM, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.


“I deploy BuildingLink is every new high-rise property I manage. No other solution comes close to the depth of operational solutions BuildingLink offers.”

Ilir Xhacka, Senior Property Manager, Duka Property Management


“BuildingLink allows us to provide corporation directors with up to the minute details and analytics on everything happening at their building and across our portfolio”.

Bogdan Alexe, President & CEO, B1 Management Group Inc.

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