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Email Templates & Distribution

Hand writing an email for tenants

Email broadcasting from anywhere.

Broadcast messages and documents to residents by occupant type (e.g. owner or tenant), custom recipient groups (e.g. pet owners, committees), or location (e.g. specific floors, lines, or towers). BuildingLink includes dozens of customizable content and design templates to make your communications look great and increase read rates. Available on the web site and staff mobile app.

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SMS & Voice Broadcasting

Guy at gym checking SMS message

Everyone gets the message.

Deliver time-sensitive text and voice announcements by occupant type (e.g. owner or tenant), custom recipient groups (e.g. pet owners, committees), or location (e.g. specific floors or towers). Access detailed reports to see who received the broadcast, which calls went to voicemail, and which were aborted.

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Smart decisions are informed decisions.

BuildingLink allows managers to create general polls for residents, helping them establish event dates, achieve consensus on building updates, and more. Residents are notified when new surveys are available, with direct links to complete them on the resident portal. Results can be viewed individually or in a summary view, and they are easily exportable.

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Announcement for tenants

Great looking announcements get read.

BuildingLink announcements are simple to create and post, appearing on your building’s public display screens, the resident portal, and the resident mobile app. Expiry options ensure only relevant content is displayed. Announcements are perfect for reminders of upcoming community events or scheduled building maintenance!

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Public Displays

Example of a public display from BuildingLink

Announcements, events, transit, news and more!

Boost communications and save hours of work. Add calendar events, amenity bookings, photos, weather, transit feeds, local offers, and even news for a complete info board. Our completely configurable interface works virtually anywhere; it’s perfect for high-traffic areas like lobbies, mailrooms, or elevators.

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Event Calendars

Perfect for rebuilding community!

Event calendars are perfect for posting everything from maintenance work and management office hours to social events and amenity closures. Filters provide necessary read access while the RSVP tool management up to-date on attendance.  Available on the mobile app.

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Who’s Using These Solutions?

Property Managers

BuildingLink makes communicating with residents, vendors, and staff simple, effective, and efficient. We help you save hours of work while helping you build stronger, safer, and better-informed communities.

Property Developers

From initial purchase or lease-up through construction and move-ins, BuildingLink helps you keep everyone up to date and informed.

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“We can’t imagine running 2 high-rise buildings and stack townhouse communities without BuildingLink platform. From the overall solution offering, ongoing enhancements and superb customer service it’s an essential property management tool.”

Connie Liong, Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services, Hollywood Plaza


“BuildingLink is a great tool for communicating! It ensures residents are up to-date on everything relating to condominium living, from fire alarm testing to water shut downs and social events”.

Heather Fitzgerald, OLCM, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.


“I deploy BuildingLink is every new high-rise property I manage. No other solution comes close to the depth of operational solutions BuildingLink offers.”

Ilir Xhacka, Senior Property Manager, Duka Property Management


“BuildingLink allows us to provide corporation directors with up to the minute details and analytics on everything happening at their building and across our portfolio”.

Bogdan Alexe, President & CEO, B1 Management Group Inc.

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