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Boost security, transparency, and accountability.

KeyLink unifies hardware, software, and biometric authentication to keep your keys safe, your staff accountable, and your residents at ease. KeyLink sends residents notifications confirming who their key was given to, for what reason, and when it was returned to the system by a staff member. See how keys are used in your building and allocate your resources based on the timing, frequency, and type of request. Get More KeyLink Information and Pricing.

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Virtual Meetings and E-Voting – Coming Soon

Get quorum at every annual meeting!

Introducing BuildingBoard! A fully integrated solution to run your annual board meetings virtually. Unit owners can vote from anywhere and never worry about reaching quorum again.

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Select Resident – Click the Phone Icon.

Busy front desk and management staff need all the speed and efficiency tools they can get! One click of the phone icon and BuildingLink connects staff with residents – no dialing required.

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Custom Mobile Apps

Your App. Your Way.

Brand it, customize it, make it your own! Get more out of our resident mobile app with our custom options.

Whether you are looking to add your branding to our core BuildingLink app create your own app in the Google Play & App Store, one of our customization and design options will create a unique experience for your community and brand. Contact us for pricing and details.

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Community Websites

Have beautiful? Then let’s show it off!

A public facing website will help your community standout from the crowd. It’s a perfect way to feature your amenities, your neighbourhood and promote your unique brand. Contact us for pricing and details.

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Localization and Language Options

8 Languages and Counting!

As our international customer base has grown, so has our ability to meet the localization needs of our users. Our Resident Portal, Staff Portal, Desktop Apps, and our Staff + Resident Mobile Apps support the following language options:

• Chinese (Simplified)
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Czech
• French (Canada)
• Japanese
• Spanish
• Vietnamese
• Korean (For Resident App only)

English Language Localization Includes:

• English (Australia)
• English (Canada)
• English (Ireland)
• English (United Kingdom)
• English (United States)

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Supporting Hardware

Integrated Hardware. Simplified Tasks!

BuildingLink offers several compatible devices to improve workflows and operational efficiency.

Webcams – Perfect for capturing resident photos and creating visitor passes.
Signature pads – Perfect for authorizing delivery releases and key sign-outs. However, most customers have switched to contact-less delivery release authorizations using the resident app.
ID Scanner – Perfect for quick entry of visitors and contractors.
Fingerprint Reader – Perfect for staff to clock in or out of Time Tracker, and perfect for Keylink system access.
Barcode Scanner – Perfect for quick package entry and release. However, our app – based ImageR tool, is a little more “perfect”.

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NetVoice Annunciator

Audio Messaging – Anywhere!

Aware’s NetVoice annunciator is a compact, touchscreen communication device that enables contactless and timely communication with residents and staff through verbal announcements and on-screen memos, available in six different languages!

You can use NetVoice to:

  • Provide staff with time-sensitive system status messages such as a leak detection event or other mechanical equipment malfunction.
  • Provide personnel with regular, vocal task reminders to clean and sanitize areas of your building or to encourage social distancing.
  • Brief residents on any property-relevant policies and updates.

NetVoice is the solution to accessing and sharing information when you, your staff, and your residents need it. Place NetVoice at your front desk, in your office, in your lobby, or any other areas with a good Wifi connection to effectively transmit messages to inform your community.

With our quick self-install option, your NetVoice solution can be up and running in minutes. Contact us today at

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Button Logging

Shine a light on property cleaning critical staff activities.

The Aware Button-Logging sensor solution records the last time a designated area or piece of equipment was disinfected or inspected. This sensor solution creates a log of cleaning and maintenance activities, which can help enforce consistent cleaning and sanitation schedules. This solution can limit liability, reinforce the feeling of safety for residents, and strengthen new COVID reopening policies.

Simply instruct your staff to press the button assigned to each area when they have finished cleaning it.

The logged button-press will:

  • Provide property managers with a clear view of whether cleaning schedules are being rigorously adhered to
  • Encourage staff to stay on top of their building hygiene responsibilities
  • Inform residents of the most recent cleaning performed on an area they wish to use
  • Property managers can use the Aware Button-Logging solution to enforce and manage an array of other recurring tasks that are essential to record. Staff and residents can view logged events within their respective BuildingLink apps or via their BuildingLink website.

Contact us today at to learn more.

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“We can’t imagine running 2 high-rise buildings and stack townhouse communities without BuildingLink platform. From the overall solution offering, ongoing enhancements and superb customer service it’s an essential property management tool.”

Connie Liong, Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services, Hollywood Plaza


“BuildingLink is a great tool for communicating! It ensures residents are up to-date on everything relating to condominium living, from fire alarm testing to water shut downs and social events”.

Heather Fitzgerald, OLCM, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.


“I deploy BuildingLink is every new high-rise property I manage. No other solution comes close to the depth of operational solutions BuildingLink offers.”

Ilir Xhacka, Senior Property Manager, Duka Property Management


“BuildingLink allows us to provide corporation directors with up to the minute details and analytics on everything happening at their building and across our portfolio”.

Bogdan Alexe, President & CEO, B1 Management Group Inc.

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