Community Features

BuildingLink is, ironically, an online technology that is bringing back old-fashioned neighborly values in residential buildings across the country.

Community features of BuildingLink are those that elevate residents’ motivation, to make their building a better place, to get to know their neighbors, to help one another, to make business connections, socialize, walk dogs together, ask for a pet-sitter, swap food, play poker, have holiday parties, and more. These functions help transform potentially indifferent buildings and residential properties into a place you would call "home," just as you would a cozy house on a tree-lined street in the suburbs.


The marketplace functions like an online garage sale. This is the perfect place for residents to sell their old furniture, video collections, computers, etc.


Here, your residents can post reviews of local businesses. These reviews are instantly credible as they come from real people in the building.

My Neighbors

My Neighbors is a directory of people who live in the building and have chosen to make their contact info appear there viewable by other residents. Each resident can post their name, photo, email, and phone, should they decide to participate.


Each resident can complete a profile if they wish to do so, giving them an opportunity to share more information about themselves such as their hobbies, interests, places traveled, etc. People can friend other people in the building by sending a Friend request and residents have the ability to share more information with their "friends" than with others.

Activity Partners

Need a jogging, golf, or tennis partner? This is the place to go. Activity Partners is also a place residents can go to find playdates for their kids.

Help Needed/Offered

Here people with special talents can offer their skills to other residents in the building. Perhaps a resident is looking for a person with bike repair skills or a personal trainer; this is the place to go.

Pet Park

Meet other pets in the building as well as their owners. Residents can post pictures of their pets as well as their own personal info.

Facebook/Twitter Integration

We’ve integrated Facebook™ and Twitter™ into BuidlingLink so that those residents who spend a lot of time on these sites can use them to stay close to BuildingLink.