The Basics

Event Log/Packages

Display packages and deliveries that are waiting to be picked up by residents.


Display your building’s name, management company, and custom BuildingLink URL – or override these fields with text of your choice.


Show residents discounts and incentives being offered by local area vendors and businesses.


Select from 6 different clock faces to match your décor.

Building Calendar

Choose which categories of calendar events will appear on your public display – alert residents to events in the building, meetings, or neighborhood happenings.

Amenity Reservations

Show the availability of various amenities in your building. You may select which amenities and how many days’ worth of reservations appear on the display.

Announcement Widgets

Scrolling Announcement OR Static Announcement

Select whether your announcement scrolls across the bottom of your display or is a static, unmoving announcement.

Announcement Board

Freely compose a message to appear on your display. You can even paste images here and select from a variety of borders and styles.



Conveniently display up to a week’s worth of the weather forecast so your residents can know the weather at a glance.


Choose from several clock face styles, both analog and digital, to complement your lobby or mailroom décor.


Select which categories of events are shown on your display – inform residents of upcoming parties, meetings, road closings, etc.


Train/Bus Schedules for:
CTA (Chicago)
London Transit
MARTA (Atlanta)
MBTA (Boston)
NJT/PATH (New Jersey)

Display public transit information for your city; let residents know the train and bus service statuses and when to expect upcoming arrivals and departures.


If your building runs a local shuttle bus, you can opt to have the shuttle drivers use the Shuttle app (running on an iPhone) to track their location. You can then conveniently display a map of the shuttle's location on your display.


NY Times

Keep residents informed of current events by selecting which categories of new headlines to display, from sports to financial to world news.



Upload photos to your building’s online photo album – you can show residents photos from the holiday party or provide a virtual tour of the property!


You can display the contents of any other website directly on your BuildingLink public display by framing the contents into one of the two iFrame widgets.