GEO® by BuildingLink

BuildingLink GEO

Manage your building from anywhere with the same seamless BuildingLink efficiency right from the palm of your hand. With built-in wireless internet connection, barcode scanner, credit card scanner, and camera, your front desk staff will be equipped to create and close maintenance requests, enter packages at the “Front Desk”, look up resident information and so much more with even greater productivity.

  • Create and edit front desk events such as packages and other deliveries.
  • Record signatures, guest photos, and barcodes.
  • Simplify recording of bulk deliveries with the Enter Multiple Packages function.
  • View, edit, and create open work orders.
  • Lookup resident information such as emergency contact info.
  • Authorize residents’ Resident Passports™ using the credit card scanner.
  • Sync automatically with the BuildingLink database while maintaining access to a local database when you’re out of reach of a wireless internet connection.
  • Use the intuitive touch screen interface without any additional training.