The better way to protect your residents keys
  • Run day-to-day tasks.
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  • Strengthen your brand.
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How It Works

The KeyLink System is a complete electronic key security hardware/software solution that is designed to organize your sets of keys, prevent unauthorized access, and provide a fully-documented audit trail of all key activities (viewable locally and online).

Employee Authentication

Easy, fast, and secure authentication options for Authorized Employees include:

  • Fingerprint biometric login
    (fingerprint reader scan)
  • Key Fob with pin
  • BuildingLink username and password

Our biometric fingerprint pad facilitates the unique recognition of all registered users; thus providing secure access to your KeyLink system.

Easy-to-use Touchscreen Interface

Touchscreen-friendly intuitive design makes the system easy to learn, use, and teach when used with our included All-in-One Touchscreen PC. Use your fingers to navigate with natural, instinctive movements when registering, removing, and returning keys as well as working other KeyLink functionalities. Includes a number of touch-enabled applications and a touch-enabled Windows® 7 operating system, which eliminates the need for a hard-drive tower.

Secure KeyTag System

Our sleek euro-designed electronic KeyTags keep messy clusters of keys tucked neatly out of sight. The ergonomically-optimized KeyTags are unmarked and identified only by an electronic iButton chip on each tag with flashing neon-blue LED KeyTag-location indicators, which create a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. In addition, our custom-machined and stepped rivet sleeves make riveting of new keys to KeyTags a snap. Keys can be conveniently returned to any slot in any drawer.

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