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Our team of engineers, designers, and real estate professionals are constantly working on new features and tools to help run better buildings. We experiment with software, hardware, and integrations with the latest platforms and tools to deliver a great experience to residents, managers, and owners.


Does the nightmare of a burst pipe jolt you awake at nights? The Burst Pipe Solution from BuildingLink is a super easy-to-install kit that not only monitors the pressure of the water flowing in your building's pipes, but can automatically shut off that flow to prevent a potentially damaging --- and costly --- incident. BuildingLink Founder, Jerry Kestenbaum, shows you how our solution works and why the Burst Pipe Solution will help building managers go back to sleeping soundly and worry-free!

Are you envisioning a smart home environment for your new residential construction project or for your upgrade of existing apartments? Watch BuildingLink Founder Jerry Kestenbaum as he demonstrates, with the assistance of Alexa, the three different methods to achieve smart lighting!

Introducing... ImageR!

The way you track incoming packages has just gotten smarter with GEO's latest module: ImageR -- our new barcode-scanning-text-recognizing-event-recording utility!

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How to make your building "aware"?

BuildingLink Aware allows you and your residents to track the availability specific machines within your gym, laundry room, and other amenities.

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Can your fitness center "talk?" Now it can!

See what happens when we hook up an Amazon Echo to our sensor solutions kit.

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